Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Posting!!

No, I still have not shampooed.

I apologize; I've had a lot going on (A. LOT.) and haven't been able to get pictures of my hair or even just make short posts. I'm on my lunch break at work and am trying to not work through my break for a change... So here goes!

It's been almost two months now and I'm still having bad days and good days. I am baking soda washing/apple cider vinegar rinsing about two times every 7-10 days, though I sometimes do a conditioner-only wash or an apple cider vinegar rinse in between on occasion. I am enjoying my hair for the most part, although the constant rain here lately mixed with the good 'ole Indiana humidity is giving me hair-anxiety. But all is well :)

Here is a picture of my hair yesterday after much ado... I'll explain below.

My mom gave me some hot-rollers, and while part of my intent with the whole no-poo undertaking is to learn to appreciate my curls more I still crave having my hair straight... It just seems simpler (i.e. it doesn't look ridiculous after it's been pulled back, I can sleep on it without screwing it up for the next day, it doesn't look as frizzy... all personal opinions, I suppose). I thought the hot-rollers might be a safe-ish way to give my hair since it's been bugging out with all the humidity lately. Anyway, it didn't really work for me because my hair is extremely thick, is wavy on it's own, and also I have tremors so handling my own hair for very fine things is NOT easy. The result was less than satisfactory so I w/o-washed my hair and didn't take the time to plop or pull it half-back or anything, I just put a tad bit of vitamin E oil in my palms and scrunched a little and jetted. I think it looked great all day and was really pretty frizz-free most of the day. This picture was taken at the very end of a hectic day, so I'm pretty proud.

Anyway, I'm hoping to eventually get my hands on some aloe and coconut oil so I can somewhat style my hair (re: plop) without using product. I feel like those things will make my hair even less frizzy.

It's neat that when I see people I know around town I often am told that people are keeping up with this blog. Awesome! Guess that means I should post more, but I feel like I don't have too much insightful stuff to say.