Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 5

So today I was sort of at loss for what to do... I obviously didn't want to shampoo and I really don't feel like baking soda and vinegar is something I should use every day.  In fact, I wondered if doing it twice in a week was even a good idea.  But unless I straighten it I don't feel like it looks very good after I sleep on it, and I really didn't want to just pull it up in a ponytail.  So I just did a water wash.  I worked my fingers through it like I was shampooing it but didn't use anything.  Actually my 18 month-old son insisted on showering with me which makes me nervous so I really couldn't focus too much at all on my hair.  When I got out I dried it and pulled it half-back without giving it too much thought.  It felt just fine and looked all right, though I ended up worrying that it looked greasy and pulled it up into the inevitable ponytail anyway before the day was done.  

My manager actually asked me today what my goal is with this, so I feel like I should detail that a little more personally.  While I'm not super-duper wasteful I have to admit I'm not as organic and conscious of my eco-footprint as I should be, nor do I pay much attention to what I put onto or into my body except to think about how good its going to taste if its something I'm eating.  The Conscious Parenting Without Fear post really did get me interested and my husband can vouch for the fact that I get caught on ideas and get really ambitious about something.  Honestly, I usually forget about whatever it is or else I just give up not far into something.  I'm known to rarely finish something, unfortunately.  But I really want to say I at least tried this.  So anyway, I have been really tired of the brittle feeling my hair has had lately and I just wish it would be a little less dry.  The shampoo I've used for about a year now doesn't seem to be doing it any good anymore and I just really feel like the only I have to lose is the excitement of this potentially doing good for my hair and realizing it's not that great really.  Let's hope that doesn't happen.  I also know it will be a lot more financially friendly, at least for awhile, and I like the fact that I won't be putting anything in my hair that has a list of ingredients and chemicals I'm not sure of that's longer than the papers I'm writing for my master's degree.  

I just think it'll be fun and don't see anything I have to lose.  I'm willing to experiment.

Anyway, sorry, still no pictures.  I have my husband do it and just didn't think to stop him for it today.  Tomorrow, though, for real!

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