Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 6

All right, so still no wash today.  I last washed it with baking soda and an apple cider vinegar rinse on Wednesday and then did a water-only wash yesterday.  I mostly wore it up in a ponytail because it just seems pretty shapeless (or maybe too awkwardly shapely, if you will...) if I don't curl it or straighten it.  I know straightening is probably a bad idea and it just takes so long even though it's my favorite way to wear it.  I want too look into other things to use to help hold the curl if I plop it.

I read a lot more of the shampoo-less experimenter's blog today and read about massaging the scalp and hair itself to work the sebum from the roots down to the tips, which apparently is a long process.  For some reason it really makes sense, so last night I sat for awhile and finger-combed my hair and massaged my scalp.  It actually felt really good and my hair felt a lot more normal this morning.  It's like you can't even tell I haven't washed it; to me it looks normal just not as dry as it had been looking.  I have a lot of grays and they tend to be wiry and stand straight up and make my hair overall appear a lot more frizzy.  They don't seem to be as texturally different the past day or so.

I hope this continues on well... I'd really hate to have not washed for a week only to give in or for it to end up not working for me.  So far so good, but I hope it gets better as well.  I wish my ends weren't so raggedy, and I probably actually just need to get a trim.  I'm just not sure I could get a shop to trim my hair without washing it.

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