Friday, June 24, 2011

Coconut, Schmoconut

I finally found a tub of coconut oil! It was fairly inexpensive, about $13.99 for a 16oz container. I'd been told you can't find it at CVS, Walmart, or any other place around here and I didn't want to make a special trip any time soon for something I'm not sure about, so I've just been waiting to stumble across some. Lo and behold during a trip to the Greenwood Park Mall today I remembered there is a GNC store and in I went. The nice feller within showed me several things of Coconut Oil... and I bought one that was priced mid-range.

I've read a few things (here and here and initially here) about using coconut oil on hair in many ways, primarily for those crunchy, hippie types. Of course I was intrigued, and as my hair has been so frizzy since I started this endeavor I was super-ecstatic to bring home the bacon. Or coconut oil.

I also can't wait until my aloe plant takes off. It's doing pretty well so far, but I hesitate to break a piece off because I want it to get nice and hefty first. I'd hate to deplete it too soon.

My loverly mama aloe plant (baby not shown)

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