Monday, June 27, 2011

Say, I Just Noticed....

.... that my hair appears to be getting longer! Looking at the two recent pictures of my hair (and after deleting tons of the older ones from a month ago from my phone just today) it appears that my hair is indeed getting longer! I wouldn't say it is growing faster than normal, but I'm pretty happy with the length of it after being somewhat depressed at how short my last trim seemed to leave it.... though that was definitely necessary.

I've been doing a lot in my garden lately and I'm super happy that my rosemary plant is taking off. I've taken a couple cuttings for a few friends, for my use, and one to pot separately that hopefully takes off, and it seems to still be doing marvelously. Fabulous, because I plan to continue adding it to my vinegar. I just hope once the season is over that I can move the plant indoors so I can still reap it's rewards. My mint is growing out of this world as well. Good for the same reasons :)

So yesterday I used the coconut oil, and today I simply water-only washed my hair. It still seems extra-moisturized, and looks almost oily at the ends, which isn't a normal place for hair to appear oily so I'm hoping it looks just fine. I can't take a picture now but hopefully will later tonight. We'll see.

Oh, and I looked a few things up about no-pooing and look at these wonderful articles/blogs I've found on how to clean your hair without shampoo (from Simple Mom) and one from NPR stating that when it comes to shampoo, less is more. Not that I needed a reason to have a renewed interest in this no-pooing project of mine (which I'm sure you've not noticed by my lack of postings, or by my recent string of 'scheduled' postings, ahem), but this sure does make me feel better about my decision. I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, whereas for the past month or so I was beginning to wonder if this method of washing my hair (or not washing, really) was really for me. My hair's been frizzy on and off, and it's hard to see how good it can look when I'm constantly pulling it up in a ponytail.

Recently a coworker stopped me and said she thinks I have hair similar to her. She described her texture and I told her about mine. I tried to stay positive about my hair (which -I've mentioned before- I have a love/hate relationship with) and I described it's frantic curls and sudden straighten-ness to her. It always does the one I don't want it to. I told her, though, about my past three 'poo-less months and she seemed intrigued. If I remember correctly I think she even complimented my hair.

I'm still sticking with it. I'm enjoying my hair lately, and hopefully it will continue to last. :):):)

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  1. Hey - I noticed that your last post seems to be 2011 - are you still with the no 'poo??

    I'm seriously tempted but don't know how to handle the greasy stages!