Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 10

One step forward one step back... seems like I'm having as many poor hair days as good ones. Before bed last night I went to comb my hair and it was awful. Painful and a tangled heap of... hair. I know it was from the hairspray because my hair still had that hard feeling. I combed as much as I could with a wide tooth comb and a fine tooth comb. I'm embarrassed to say both combs had gunk on them, which I'm sure was mostly hairspray. I went to massage my scalp with my nails and that's how it all started, the tangled mess. I realized it was pretty gnarly. Anyway, I got it combed and brushed out and it felt like hair feels when it's been bombarded with too much hairspray. You have no idea how tempted I was so wash it... but I didn't. I rinsed it under the tub faucet as well as I could and combed it out. This morning I did a water only wash and it still felt just heavy. I cannot wait until tomorrow... even though the baking soda is really tough to work into my hair it always feels cleaner after the vinegar rinse and after it begins to dry. The possibility of it feeling cleaner after tomorrow morning is the only thing keeping me from lathering up right now!

I have no picture today because today was hell. I slept less than two hours last night and am pretty self-conscious about my appearance overall today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a wonderful hair day and a wonderful day in general and I'll have gorgeous pictures to post.

We'll see about that.......

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