Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 16

I haven't been posting as often 1. because I've been pretty busy and 2. because I haven't seen either improvement or much change lately, and most importantly 3. because it's hard for me to remember to corral Nate to take pictures of my hair, plus he gets tired of doing it.

I baking soda/vinegared my hair on Wednesday and on Thursday I beer rinsed and vinegar rinsed it. I left it until Saturday. Saturday I took my newfound bottle of eucalyptus oil and mixed a little with water and massaged it onto my scalp... I let it set that way for about four or five hours (even though Nate said it smelled too strong) and then baking soda/vinegared it out. I actually thought it felt really soft and looked pretty good. Sunday I did nothing to it, and today, Monday, I didn't either... at first. I pulled it halfback and thought it looked decent but then had to walk the dogs in the rain and it frizzed wayyy out at the bottom but looked matted and helmet-ey around my scalp. Ick. So I baking soda/vinegared it once again. I plopped it using a scarf instead of a towel and it made pretty soft curls that I thought looked okay today.

I have been wanting to get a microfiber towel because that's what I've seen suggested for plopping. I have no idea how well it would work. I haven't been able to find one, but I do feel like the towels I've been using are just too heavy and thick.

I just can't wait for my hair to get longer and for me to find the time for a trim. I am starting to feel like my hair looks greasy up top and frizzy around the bottom and I hate how I feel like it looks. It never seems to really look as bad but it certainly doesn't feel soft all the time and I wish it would stay together instead of flyaway-ish. 

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