Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 8... It's Been A Long Week...

I did a baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar rinse today in the shower, then plopped it with a towel afterward while it was still completely wet... I didn't even dry it much first, but did comb it out. When it had dried a bit I let it down and just kept it down for once and tried to just live with it around my face instead of pulling it back. I gave in a few times at work and pulled it back but ended up letting it back down most of the time. I was determined to get it trimmed after work but of course every ding-dang hair place closes at freaking 5 which is when I get off work, so no such luck. It seemed awfully frizzy to me, and as usual I am really eager to fins something that will tame the frizz and keep the curls clumped together. The wind was wretched today and I happened t be out in it enough that I thought my hair would knot up but it didn't completely go wacko. I just really want a trim and some product to keep it looking styled. :)

So here is my hair which I was pleased with while it was still a bit wet, and the second picture is just now at about 11pm after a windy day. It still looks all right as well, not greasy or anything and actually very shiny. Please ignore all the shit on my table.


  1. in the second photo, your hair looks shiny and no frizzy. Am i wrong?

  2. I agree! It felt frizzy but sure didn't look it in the photo. And I've noticed it does look very shiny on the days I do the bs wash and acv rinse. Thanks for the comment!