Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 21

So it's been three weeks now, I guess!

I baking soda washed and apple cider vinegar rinsed my hair today after first rubbing some eucalyptus oil into my scalp and letting it set for a few hours, just like I did last weekend. Not sure if it's my imagination but it seems like it is helping :) My hair doesn't seem to be getting as greasy in between washes but it doesn't seem as bouncy and beautiful as I'd like it to be between either. I'm finding that I like the fresh start I get and the look it creates when I wet my hair every morning, but along with that I'm also finding that it is hard to get the water to penetrate my hair and it also takes even longer than it did before for my hair to dry... as in, like, a few hours. I'm sure this is normal but it's frustrating. My hair just looks like a morning-hair blob if I don't wet it because it loses it's curl but also isn't straight.

I have been using my scarf to plop my hair after wetting it and it is nice because I barely notice it's there while I'm getting ready. Actually it makes me miss being able to wear scarves or handkerchiefs on my head when I was younger and didn't have to follow a dress code :)

I actually have been getting some comments on my hair both from friends who know I'm doing this and those who don't as well as from people who don't know anything about me. I'm also astonished by how many people I see only every once in awhile who tell me they've been following this blog. Good, let me know how my hair looks next time you see me!

I'm a little concerned about the smell or lack thereof my hair has... it's just like a hair smell and I don't mind it but I sure do miss the fake floral or fruity scents my shampoo used to give me. But at least I can still smell my 18 month old's hair when I want to re-experience that. I'm wondering what I'll do when I travel in a few months... if it will be easier to just shampoo and condition or if I'll take along a box of baking soda and some vinegar... or if I just won't wash at all, hmmm!

The first photo of my hair today is directly after bs/acv-ing and plopping and it is not quite dry. The second photo is a crappy quality one I took myself just now and it is dry but has been through the wind and pulled back in a pony a few times. Heh.

I really wish I could get better pictures!

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